January 05, 2014

Holiday Progress

We've been making progress in the past two weeks since our last post!

The meter rack for the electric service was installed on Dec 23rd and 24th. The electric company inspected the site on December 30th and although the rack was acceptable, the engineer from the electric company called to say he was not satisfied with the tree clearing that we had done months ago. He said he could do a reinspect in three days if we could get it done by then. I asked him to tag what he wanted removed.

On the 31st, work began on cutting trenches in the foundation for the concrete beams that will be under the slab while I had a meeting with the carpenter that will be working on the interior of the barn.

In the afternoon the two of us were back to work on clearing more trees on the lower levels, and back again in the morning on New Year's Day to finish the job. On New Year's Day, during a break for lunch, one of the workers showed up to work on the foundation trenching, with his family along for a picnic and to enjoy the view. Jeesh! This place is already getting a reputation for its view! After lunch it was tough going working on the steep slope, but it's that slope that gives us our great view!

Unfortunately we also had to take out some persimmon trees as well, but there are still plenty more of 'em on the ranch.

On January 2nd I met the electric engineer again and this time we passed with his approval....Hooray!
So now we're in their installation schedule with an estimated 10 to 15 days to completion.

And when I arrived that day the plumbers were just leaving after having installed the rough-in plumbing that goes into the slab.
Moving right along!

On Monday I'll be having one of the older tires replaced on the tractor. The wear that was showing on the inside sidewall was causing it to go flat to the point where the whole tractor was listing to starboard so it will have to be retired, no pun intended, I think.
A new tire, installed, on site ... $665. The happiness of having a tractor that works ... priceless. :)

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