September 21, 2014

Working Toward Getting Settled In

It's been an interesting two weeks (or so?) since our last post.

We've finally got the mantle installed over the fireplace. Kirk did the staining and overcoating himself. We can hardly wait to see what it'll look like when it's decorated for Christmas.

If you're wondering why you haven't been invited up for a visit, it's because we're still waiting on delivery of the things that were damaged by the movers during the move and are still being repaired. That would be a couple of dining room pieces.

We've started landscaping in front of the house but the recent rain we are so grateful to have had, has slowed progress a bit and the front "yard" is pretty much a sea of mud right now. (No picture, it would just be boring.)

We're trying desperately to be ready for an Open House prior to deer season, but we're not sure we can make it.

Our old house will have a 'for sale' sign on it tomorrow and the listing will be posted this week. Wish us luck.

September 02, 2014

New Beginnings

Yes, we know it's been awhile since our last post, but our focus has been on getting out of our previous home, and we're just about done with that. We expect to complete all that this week. Now we have to select a real estate agent and develop a marketing strategy.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (as they say), at the top of the list is installing a temporary mailbox until the new entryway is completed, because we've already committed ourselves to our new address, because of Rocki's attempt to customize her car and finally finding something to replace it with.

So we turned a seven year old Chevy Aveo into a new Buick Verano.

But we had an omen of good faith when this rainbow showed up last Friday. Being as open as our view is here we can't wait to see what Mother Nature will visit us with next. We're seeing jackrabbits, (who don't hop like Eastern cottontails, but instead actually run) and day after day we're seeing roadrunners not just on our property but throughout the valley.

And .... the mailbox has been planted!
So the score on the Projects List is now
Kirk 1
List 4,386
But it's all good. One day at a time.