May 29, 2017

As the Season Moves Along.....

... we've been having just enough rains to encourage the wildflowers to "volunteer" around the pond berm and the verbena and coneflowers are making things look like a garden in a Monet painting. The yucca that we transplanted last year has bloomed and moved into the stage of making seed pods. We're watching those so that we can gather the seeds to make more yuccas in the future because it's way easier than digging them up.
Unfortunately the rains are also encouraging the thistles and other weeds so there is always something to work on.

That would include getting things ready for our upcoming workshops.

One of the things that we will have to do every year is clean the koi pond. So we've been getting ready for that task in order to make it happen in early June. We've purchased a larger pump (than we've ever had) and a hose for emptying all the water from the pond, and a water trough for holding the koi while the pond is being cleaned.

Did a bit of a test with the new pump this past week and it should work out just fine. In fact, at 3,566 gallons per hour this thing is A BEAST! It'll probably empty most of the pond in about 3 to 4 hours.

Click here to see it in action!



We've also installed the new sign on the front gate.
So now when visitors and students for the art classes arrive, they'll know they have the right place.

Speaking of art students, we should mention that there are still some openings in this year's lineup of classes. If you're a budding art student and would like to check out what we're offering, and how to sign up for a class, you can get all the details on our website by clicking this link: