January 26, 2014

Of Concrete and Carpenters

Well, it was a busy week at the ranch.
Tuesday the 21st,with the moon in the early morning sky to supervise,
the concrete for the house slab was poured.
Truck after truck made their way up the steep driveway to fill the hopper on the pumper truck while the boom was worked over all of the 152 foot length of the structure, distributing the concrete.

And the workers put in a long day doing all the floating and smoothing of the concrete.
Meanwhile in the barn, what was once just an empty shell, began to be transformed as the carpenters began framing the stud walls and the bathroom.

On Wednesday, more carpentry work included rafters for the bathroom ceiling and the decking for storage space above it, and on Thursday the barn's electrical and plumbing work began while the forms were being removed from the house slab.
Looking from south to north it's hard to see everything in the slab, but standing behind the studio and looking to the south you can see the wrap-around patio areas.

Friday the weather here in central Texas turned rather nasty with on and off combinations of rain, sleet and even snow, along with freezing temperature, so the delivery of the framing material for the house which had been scheduled for that day was postponed until next Monday the 27th. House framing should be close at hand.

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