March 28, 2017

Plein Air Painting Workshop with Rich Gallego

We now have a fourth class scheduled for 2017. In addition to Judy Wilder Dalton in August, Qiang Huang in September and David Forks in October, we now have plein air artist from California
Rich Gallego also teaching in October.

Here's another example of one of his new works.

For all the details, visit the Workshops page on our website.

To see more of his work, visit his website at:

March 20, 2017

First Plein Air Painting at PVR

For those who haven't heard, "en plein aire" (pronounced: "on plehn air") is a French term meaning "in the open air". Just a fancy way of saying "outdoors". And in recent years, painting outdoors seems to be growing exponentially in its popularity among US artists. Even though I'm not a plein air artist myself, I've often thought the sights here at Painted Views Ranch would lend themselves quite well to all the plein air excitement among artists. Which is why we have a schedule for teaching artists to sign up to teach workshops in painting here at the ranch.

This past Saturday, two members from a group known as Plein Air Austin were here painting as a sort of "test drive" for our Ranch being a venue for one of the group's future painting outings. The good news is that Lori and Juanita seemed to have a little trouble deciding which of the many vistas here to choose as their "Painting of the Day". After scouting around a bit they decided on a shady spot, protected from a gentle breeze looking in a southwesterly direction that had some of our persimmon trees and about a five mile horizon in the view. Then they set up their gear, got after it with an air of determination, turned out a couple of good ones and even made it look easy in the process.

And here's a look at the end results.

  Pretty interesting, huh?

  Give each of these a click for a closer look.

  Very talented ladies!


Before they left, we talked about when the group may want to come out and the month of May seemed to top the list of possibilities. So if you're a plein air artist, or even just want to give it a try, make sure to subscribe your email address over there at the top of the right hand column, or "like" our Facebook page so that you can know when that event will happen.

And if you're a teaching artist, or a potential art student. and you're interested in giving or taking workshops here at the ranch, check out our website at:

And who knows? I might even get up the courage to try this plein air thing myself. Seems a shame to let all these beautiful vistas go to waste, especially when I'm lucky enough to live here!

March 12, 2017

Springtime at the Ranch

We had a few plein air painters scheduled to come do some painting here last Saturday but the weather didn't cooperate, so they're scheduled again for next Saturday. All things considered, it probably worked out for the better, because during this past week, with the rains we've had, many of the persimmon trees are starting to leaf out with a very lovely shade of yellowish green, making a nice contrast to the dark greens of the cedars. And with having had the spring time change, next Saturday should be better for lighting in the morning, if the painters are here early enough.

During, the week, some of our "neighbors" stopped by, with their kids, and we had a nice chat over the fence, right out side of my north-facing studio windows.

But then the herding instinct kicked in for Rascal, our Ranch Foreman, and his First-Assistant Sweetie, and they decided it was time for the cattle to go and informed them of that point, in no uncertain terms.

Click here for the Action Video!!!