July 26, 2015

Ann Hoffpauir to Teach WATERCOLORS

We are excited to announce that a third artist has scheduled a workshop here at Painted Views Ranch.

Ann Hoffpauir will be teaching a three day workshop on

Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
October 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2015.

This will be a workshop devoted to watercolors, working both indoors and outdoors.

Ann Hoffpauir is a full-time artist from Orange, Texas who paints in a realistic style. Her superb paintings, done in different mediums, reflect a wide range of subjects. She knows when she has hit the mark when there’s a balance between moods, look and feel.

Her painting style blends with a love of nature and its forms, with brilliant lights and strong darks and she wants to teach you the effect light has on form in unique situations whether it’s striking an object, fleeting or spilling over it.

Although she works in many mediums, in this workshop Ann will be teaching watercolors, because she finds the spontaneous qualities of watercolors lend themselves very well to a fresh painterly approach, allowing the painting as a whole to engage the viewer as it conveys a sense of mystery and beauty.

Ann believes the process of educating one’s self is never ending. She has taught at many local organizations and private schools and conducts several workshops a year along with regular weekly classes taught at her home studio in Orange.
Ms. Hoffpauir has won many awards over the years at local, state and out of state shows and has been featured in Southwest Art magazine, Visual Language online magazine and Western Art Collector’s – Art of the Horse.

To see more of her art visit: http://artworkbyann.com

For more information or to register for her class, email