December 22, 2013

Water and Sunsets

Well since our last post, progress on the house has been blazing along at the blistering speed of "zero". More than anything else we need to get the electricians on site to build the meter rack so the electric company can begin installing the service line and that hasn't happened yet.
But the big news at the ranch this week is that our water well has been drilled. Final depth: 875 feet. Struck water before that of course, but kept on going to make sure we could depend on it for many years to come.
As soon as we get electric service to the property we'll actually be able to pump water up from the aquifer and once we have a supply of water I'll be able to pressure wash the barn floor and then paint it and then I can start moving in. Won't that be the cat's meow?!

We had our "winter solstice party" on Friday evening. Just the two of us with a little wine to watch the setting sun. We did the same thing on 12/21 last year too. But this year the sky was quite overcast with clouds and there was hardly any sun so we guessed (and rightly so) that there wouldn't be much to see so we left early.

Last year we were also there to watch the sunset for the summer solstice and it was quite surprising to see the difference in points on the horizon where the sun went down at those two different times of the year.

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