March 25, 2018

Adding another instructor for 2018

ROBIN THORNHILL has been added to our lineup of instructors for you to choose from for this year. She's coming from New Hampshire and will be teaching a plein air class in both oil paint AND pastel! So if you haven't tried one of those, this would be an opportunity to have a go at the one you're not familiar with and still have an alternative that will keep you in your comfort zone.
If you're interested, we'd advise you to sign up soon, because from the emails we've exchanged with her, it sounds like she may already be bringing some of her posse with her!

For all the details, visit our Workshops page at:

March 18, 2018

Apparently, someone needed a battery

This week on "Campfire Tales from Painted Views Ranch"...

Wednesday morning we drove down the driveway to let the landscapers in the front gate and found the door for the gate controller box laying on the ground and thought "It was kinda windy last night but how could ...". and then another glance revealed the 12 volt battery that powers the gate system was gone! Some knuckle head had gotten behind the gate and slinked off with the battery like ... well, like a thief in the night. So we went out and bought a new battery AND a big ol' honkin' PADLOCK!
Who woulda thought you'd need that out here in the country? Well. maybe some of you might have thought it and right now are probably thinking "You big dummies, of course you need to lock your gate box!", but we probably trust in and hope for the goodness of human nature just a bit too much for our own good. So now, that stops. What a shame.
Now we'll just hope we never find out who stole our battery, and we'll leave you to figure out what that means, but it has something to do with the old phrase "What you don't know won't hurt somebody else". And we'll also be shopping for a game camera because on Thursday we learned that in just this few square miles there have been seven gate batteries stolen along with some actuator arms (the device that opens and closes the gate).

But the landscaping project in the back yard is progressing, slow but sure. These pictures kind of show what we started with and hopefully another week should bring us to the time for the big reveal.

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Happy Trails!
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