January 12, 2014

Powered UP!

The electric service was installed this week, so now the electrician for the house just needs to make it available to the tradesmen that are working on the house and barn. It kind of spoils the view a bit but it's necessary so it has to be done.
There will be a separate breaker panel in the well house that will power the well equipment and supply all the outlets in the barn too. Finishing off the interior of the barn is expected to start soon.
The last of the forms for the concrete were added in the garage area on Saturday ...
... and one of the workers told me that the tension cables that will become a part of the slab will be installed on Monday.
For those who don't know, this kind of system makes the traditional wire mesh and reinforcing rods old fashioned by comparison. Those will only hold a slab together if it cracks while the post tension system is meant to keep the slab from ever cracking in the first place.
I spent some "quality time" with the tractor on Saturday cleaning up what was brought up from underground and spewed all around when the well was drilled. I put it where it could form a base on which we'll later build a fuel shed just outside the barn. With all the tools that will be needed to keep the ranch looking ship shape and all the different fuels they'll need including diesel, gasoline and mixed fuels for chain saws etc, well, lets just say I'm just not too keen on storing them inside the barn!
Week by week, things are happening.
OH! And I was able to get a couple of nice shots of some neighbors who live down the road that I thought some of you might enjoy seeing.

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