January 20, 2014

Getting Ready for Concrete

Not much progress this week. All the cables that will tension the slab were put in place ...
... and the three electrical connections that must be in the slab were installed, but it was discovered that one of the plumbing connections had been damaged and would have to be redone.

A supervisor from the concrete pumper made a visit on Thursday to determine the best place to park the pumper truck and how long a boom would be needed, so we're expecting(?) hoping(?) that the slab will be poured in the coming week.
I have a small 3x6 form outside the barn's walk-in door with wire mesh and re-bar installed ready for left over concrete from the house slab pour.

The electrician for the house has installed a temorary pole with service to make electric available to the trades, so...
Work on the barn interior is also scheduled to start this week as well, with framing the bathroom first, followed by the electrical. The plumbing should be close behind. Once we have electrical to the barn, the water service equipment can be installed in the well house and then I'll be able to pressure wash the barn floor before I paint it. Then it'll be time to start moving in! When? Who knows? One step at a time.

... to be continued ...

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