December 23, 2014

Of Ponds and Parking

It took three days (and a big chunk of money) but we now have a surface on our driveway and our parking lot is ready for the 2015 art classes.

Until now, with only having a caliche driveway, there wasn't much point in trying to keep our vehicles clean, but now it's time to give them a much needed bath.

Layers of sprayed sealer act like glue to hold all the crushed stone in place. There are actually many colors in the stone that was used, but the overall effect when those colors visually blend together will fool your eye into thinking it's all one color, but the end result is a color that is a pretty close match to the shingles on the roof of the house.

We love it when a plan comes together.

Thanks to Joe Stevens and his crew for a job well done. If there's a paving job in your future, check out his website.





We've had another meeting with our pond builder and spray painted lines to mark where it's edges will be, along with the location of the waterfalls and the bog. The build is likely to start early next month. I can already envision artists lined up with their easels in the shade on the patio, doing paintings of the pond and waterfalls. I've taken some photos from the patio (looking between the posts) and stitched them together in Photoshop so you can get an idea of what the "Before" view looks like. Stay tuned for the progress photos next month.

The bypass around Florence has been completed so that makes it much easier to get to points like Georgetown and Austin, and even the Florence Diner, our newest favorite place to eat out. It's not fancy, but the food's good and so are the prices. If you're local you can find out more by clicking here.

And Sunday was the winter solstice and the evening sunset was gorgeous.

But there was an even better one the following evening.
And they just keep on coming!

And we wish all of our readers
the Brightest and Best of the Holiday Season
with the hope your 2015 will be as exciting as ours.