November 10, 2013

Ready to Start

Well it's been a lot like trying to herd cats to make things happen, but we finally got all four contracts (house, barn, well and septic) in place and this week we had the closing on our construction loan, so ... we're ready to begin constructing.

The barn will be first, which will include the housing for all the well equipment in a room attached to it. It will be a Mueller Steel building on a concrete slab and the barn will have a bathroom in it, so as soon as the well and the septic system are complete, visits to the ranch can be longer than they have been.

Having the wellhouse attached to the barn not only eliminated building a fourth wall for it, but created an opportunity to have a nice 10x26' porch on the front of the barn facing west. Might be a good place to sit and paint sunsets! We'll see.

So the first of many decisions has to be made. What color should we paint the barn floor?