October 05, 2017

Qiang Huang's First Plein Air Workshop at PVR



  Last weekend we had our first workshop with Qiang Huang.

 Friday morning started off chilly, drizzly and damp. but Qiang did a demo under the cover of our (rapidly becoming) famous breezeway, with 10 very attentive students ....





.... and produced THIS!




  Then in the afternoon, as the weather cleared off a bit, our 10 students set up their gear in three different spots, all under cover, and got to work. It was amazing to see how differently 10 students can interpret the same view.



  On Saturday, Qiang started the day in our classroom with a digital slideshow presentation on the principles of landscape painting. Then the class moved outside to the other end of the breezeway facing east, as Qiang did another demo painting of our koi pond with it's many lilypads, while using his umbrella to keep the morning sun glare off his painting.



And here is his Saturday demo painting.

In the afternoon, the patio was then in the shade and all the students set up to do their own painting of the pond.

Sunday presented a big challenge, because we used our tractor to make a very large set up for a still life.



Qiang did his third demo ......







  ......by drawing the image while he waited for the light to change and become interesting before he started to paint.





It was a challenge to paint quickly enough to capture a good image, but .....

...when he finished, removed the umbrella and the sunlight hit his painting, the effect was amazing!

After lunch, half the class had a go at the tractor from the shade of our oaks or barn porch .....

..... while the others revisited views that they had done previously, but from a different angle.

All in all, everyone had a memorable experience and learned quite a bit, and Qiang said that his workshop schedule for next year is already filled, but he asked us to schedule him again in 2019!

To see all of Qiang's demo paintings and many of the students' paintings, click here.
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We have one more workshop for this year, October 27 - 29 with just a few openings left.
Click here for all the details.


  1. Great job on this post you two!!! I had such an awesome time attending the workshop... will think fondly of my time there!

  2. Wow! Y'all did a great job on this post and the gallery of paintings from the workshop. What a beautiful venue for a workshop!

    1. Well thank ya, Dixie. When can we count on you to show up for a workshop?