September 18, 2017

The Strange Tale of Creating a Plein Air Event

Artist MC from Texas meets Artist AP from California in France and becomes a student of Artist AP. Artist MC searches the internet for art workshops in central Texas and discovers that Artist QH will be teaching at Painted Views Ranch. Artist MC tells artist AP about the ranch and Artist AP contacts us. "How did you ever hear about us?" we ask. "From Artist MC, who said I should come teach there. And by the way, you should contact her because she's in a group of plein air painters in your area." We contact Artist MC who says "Our group is always looking for new places to paint outdoors." And the rest is now history because we had a great group of painters here this past Saturday. And two of them will be taking a Workshop with Qiang Huang here on Sept 29th through October 1st.

There is just enough time to grab one of the few spots left in that class
OR one of our October classes. Click this link to find out how to get signed up.

Now here's some photos from Saturday's event.

In the shade of the breezeway and looking west.

Lined up on the front lawn, painting views from southwest to northwest

Rascal the Ranch Foreman supervises the two painting our koi pond with it's waterfalls from the east patio.

Is that a plein air painter's dream or what?

And just a few steps away there's this!

Rascal keeps watch for possible vulture attacks.
He must have done a good job because all the painters came out alive.

Our only problem is that now Rascal thinks he's an art critic.

To see all their completed paintings, go to our website with this link.

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