March 12, 2017

Springtime at the Ranch

We had a few plein air painters scheduled to come do some painting here last Saturday but the weather didn't cooperate, so they're scheduled again for next Saturday. All things considered, it probably worked out for the better, because during this past week, with the rains we've had, many of the persimmon trees are starting to leaf out with a very lovely shade of yellowish green, making a nice contrast to the dark greens of the cedars. And with having had the spring time change, next Saturday should be better for lighting in the morning, if the painters are here early enough.

During, the week, some of our "neighbors" stopped by, with their kids, and we had a nice chat over the fence, right out side of my north-facing studio windows.

But then the herding instinct kicked in for Rascal, our Ranch Foreman, and his First-Assistant Sweetie, and they decided it was time for the cattle to go and informed them of that point, in no uncertain terms.

Click here for the Action Video!!!

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