July 06, 2014

The Final Week

There hasn't been much to take pictures of this past week because all the activity has been so detail oriented. Painters have been doing touch ups and a lot of cleaning has been going on, including using lacquer thinner to get the paint off of door hinges and other places it's not wanted. So the whole house has been filled with that wonderful aroma for several days now. But there hasn't been anything going on that would make for exciting pictures.

The barn swallows have already left the nest so I was able to remove the nest and do the much needed clean up on the balcony. We're glad that we could do our part to help them out this year, but in future we'll be taking steps to encourage them to seek a different building site.

But during this past week the county was working on the road so it was closed for a couple of days, so I had to take a detour that took me west of the property where I'd never been before, and I got to see what the place looks like from about a mile and a quarter away.


 So I stopped and took a couple pictures. This one with a short lens that gives you a sense of where the house sits, out there on that high spot on the horizon ....


  ... and this one, taken with a longer lens and zoomed in tight shows more of the house's details and how the driveway ascends the hill.


 AND ... the good news is that, after rigorous testing, the Ranch Foreman has given his Seal of Approval on the new carpeting!





So we'll be having a walk through with the supervisor Monday the 7th. After a couple of days to fix any issues that turn up, we're scheduled to take possession on Thursday the 10th.

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