July 28, 2014

Moving In

We took possession of the house on July 10th and we've begun moving in gradually. Each time I go there to work on something I take a truckload of something with me.

I'd had such a good result with the peel and stick tiles that I put down on the bathroom floor in the barn that I decided to use them in a couple of places in the house; the closet that's off of the garage and also in my studio office.


The new bedroom furniture was delivered, and so was the refrigerator, so we decided to spend Saturday night there. After eight o'clock we made our way up to the second floor balcony to watch the sunset and take some pictures. Here are a couple of nice shots that I managed to get.

In this shot our driveway is visible in the lower left.

This is the first of many sunsets that we'll be enjoying in the years to come.

But the biggest surprises were finding out
how amazingly quiet it was up there on the mountaintop at night
watching all the private property security lights popping on all over the valley below.
That made for a pretty sight. We're wondering what the valley will look like at Christmastime.

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