May 18, 2014

Paint and Granite

There's been a major transformation in the past week that has made a construction site really begin to look like a home. What's made the difference?

Most of the house has been painted with a color called "Candlelit Beige", but what's in a name?
But the media room and the art studio have been done in a neutral shade of gray, the name of which escapes me right now, but like I said, what's in a name? And all the woodwork in the railings and staircase have received their ebony stain, which compliments the wrought iron really well, don't you think?

... in the kitchen ...
... in the bathrooms ...
... and even in the pantry, where the cabinets have been reinstalled after the shelves were extended, the box for switches was lowered and the painting was done.
And here's a couple pics from opposite ends of the studio. Believe it or not, all the walls and ceiling are the same shade of gray. Isn't it surprising how the light makes it all look so different?

I'll have to think of a way to block the light from coming in through the double doors on the east wall. Then all the natural light in the studio will be coming from the north windows.
("HUH?" I hear you ask. Don't worry. It's an "artist thing".)

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